Top Traveller Trends for Summer - Part One

Traveller trends for 2022 to help short term accommodation hosts provide contactless and sustainable solutions to guests and a guest management platform

Travel is set for an exciting bounce back this summer. With governments around the world relaxing their restrictions and testing requirements to fully vaccinated travellers, a report by ABTA showed 38% of travellers said they were much more likely to go ahead and book a holiday with these new changes having been brought in. This is great news for the tourism industry with bookings now being secured for 2022 and 2023, it shows some level of stability is being brought back into the industry. But in this new landscape, what exactly are travellers looking for and what are the new trends set for the summer of 2022 and beyond? This is Part One of our series, be sure to check out Top Traveller Trends - Part Two coming soon!

1. Community & Local Experiences

Travellers are looking for unique places to stay, where they can feel more like a local and are turning to short term rental apartments and boutique hotels over the larger chains. In a recent survey, found that 58% of travellers agree that it’s important that their trip benefits the local community of their destination, while 67% feel that they want the money that they spend when travelling to be fed back into the local community. Additionally, 68% wanted their travel experiences to be authentic and that are representative of the local culture, which is great news for the bounce back of smaller hotels and the short term rental market.

2. Cities are back

Major world cities were one of the hardest hit in terms of tourism throughout the pandemic but moving into summer 2022, city travel is back in a big way! Having avoided cities for more than two years, tourists are starting to return to their favourite hotspots to enjoy their favourite sights, sounds and soak up the culture that they have missed for so long.

“Bookings are spiking for New York and classic European destinations, particularly Paris and London. Clients want to reconnect with special hotels and restaurants and simply bask in the culture” said Henley Vazquez, a co-founder of FORA, a travel agency in New York City.

3. Sustainability

Sustainable travel has become a major talking point over the last few years and is becoming increasingly important to travellers who are keen to see the world without harming it along the way. The effects of Covid-19 and climate change has really propelled this movement forward and as people become more aware of their environmental impact and look to reduce their carbon footprint, consumers will expect the travel industry to offer more sustainable options to them to choose from.

Many travellers are avoiding the use of planes and opting for other methods of transport such as train travel or taking a cruise as well as avoiding peak seasons times to travel. Travellers are also looking to tack on multiple holidays at a time so they can see more of one area such as a few days in the Italian countryside followed by a few days at the beach.

4. Focus on Family Getaways

One leading trend identified in the 2022 Trend Report from holiday rentals brand Vrbo is a renewed focus on trips with the family. In 2022 travellers will look to return to visiting family that they haven’t seen pre-pandemic in foreign destinations and carving out quality time on large family trips to reunite and spend time enjoying new experiences altogether.

5. Workcations

Workcations have hit the mainstream and no longer just reserved for the digital nomads out there! Many companies realised that offices weren’t necessarily needed to ensure employee productivity and that they could also save on renting office space. Many employers have remained flexible with some allowing staff work from home permanently. This has given rise to a ‘work from anywhere’ attitude where workers are staying in short term rental accommodation for extended stays where they can work from a destination of their choosing and combine work with travel.

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