Part 2 - Hospitality Trends To Help Your Business Grow

We looked at the first 5 New Hospitality Trends to help your business grow - Part One of our series and now we look at five more in Part Two. Knowing these key trends will enable you to adapt and future-proof your business and allow it to grow to the next level, bring greater occupancy, higher returns and encourage those all-important repeat bookings!

1. Adapt for mobile bookings

According to data processed by over 1,500 hotels within Guestcentric’s portfolio, mobile bookings have increased to over 24% in 2020 and over 40% in 2021. With mobile bookings basically doubling in only two years, hoteliers need to take this into account and ensure their website is fully optimised for mobile. This includes looking at their SEO and making any necessary changes, including concise and straightforward content for readers to easily digest, direct booking options, easy links to contact the accommodation directly by phone or text and push mobile-only offers.

2. Flexibility is key

As we move forward from the pandemic, hoteliers need to continue to respond to market changes with flexibility in their business model. Guests are increasingly looking for flexibility when selecting their accommodation in case any last-minute changes in their plans occur and as people are still anxious about how the pandemic will evolve. Hoteliers must continue to offer flexible cancellation policies and accommodate free changes to trip plans and date changes. This will give the confidence that travellers need in order to make bookings. To help with business and cashflow issue, many hoteliers are offering cancellation refunds or vouchers and credit towards a future stay.

3. Increased Direct Guest Communication

Guests, now more than ever, require increased communication at all stages of their travel experience. Hoteliers are expected to continue this direct interaction, using channels such as Live chat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to keep guests in the loop and answer swiftly any questions or issues that may arise. Staying connected with past and future guests and building a strong brand relationship through direct communication is key to encourage repeat books and offer exclusive services, loyalty programmes and discounts.

4. Unique Brand Experiences

Hoteliers are realising that now more than ever before, they are needing to differentiate their brand and offering by doing something unique with the way they design, layout, or outfit their property to capture potential customers attention. Travellers are looking more and more for cool, experiential stays and personalised guest experiences so anything a hotelier can do to provide a novelty factor is going to be at an advantage to stand out against the competition. Ensure your accommodation is updated with modern essentials, a cool contemporary design and enhance your guest experience and service with your own unique brand identity that only you can offer them!

5. Catering to the Solo Traveller

Solo travel is set to increase over the next few years as individuals seek to experience a sense of freedom and adventure with the easing of lockdown restrictions across the globe. To appeal to this growing market, hoteliers will need to tailor their offerings and services to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere where solo guests can socialise with other like-minded individuals and tweak their interior design to evoke a feeling of homeliness and practicality, whether they are there for work or pleasure. Offering solo travellers the best local experience and will ensure this demographic are more likely to stay in your accommodation over others with a less personalised, local approach.

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