New Hospitality Trends To Help Your Business Grow - Part One

New hospitality trends which are digital, contactless and sustainable solutions for guest management for hoteliers and short term accommodation providers

We’ve written about the top Travel Trends for 2022 - Part One and now we are looking into the top Hospitality Trends shaping the industry in 2022. It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and changed the hospitality industry forever and this has affected the way we should look to manage our business in the future to satisfy new user groups and meet new demands of travellers. Here are some top hospitality trends set to grow in popularity for 2022:

1. ‘Bleisure’ Travellers & Hotel Workspaces

With working remotely still on the agenda for many, the idea of ‘bleisure’ (extending business travel for leisure purposes or combining work and leisure during a business trip) is a major area of focus for hoteliers looking to target this new group. Hoteliers need to cater to the growing demands and needs of guests that require a space to work remotely. This means super-fast wifi and creating dedicated work areas/zones for guests to utilise while they work. Creating contemporary and comfortable workspaces and break-out areas that still feel part of a hotel experience, where business travellers can relax whilst they work and meet other like-minded individuals, is key to attract and generate income from this growing market.

2. Digitalised Guest Experiences

Throughout the last two years, the use of hospitality tech has ramped up replacing traditional customer-facing services. Hoteliers are increasingly using Apps and adopting contactless solutions in order to reduce the transmission of the Covid-19, improve their operations and control many aspects of the guest cycle and experience. This includes mobile check-in and check-out and contactless keys and payments. As technology innovation continues to evolve, hospitality providers need to quickly adapt to remain ahead of the curve and meet this new demand of guest experience.

3. Emphasis on Guest Experience & Personalisation

As a way to improve and level up a customers’ guest experience, personalisation is a trend that continues to grow each year across the hospitality industry. By leveraging customer data through the use of technology, hoteliers will be able to create personalised and custom offerings, which are tailor made exactly to suit a guest’s interests and requirements. This makes a provider’s offering ever more relevant in this current landscape and appeal further to existing and potential future guests.

4. Boosting the Local Community and Sustainability

Online travel agents have had a surge in business recently with consumers looking to use a travel company they can not only trust and inform them about any changes to Covid regulations across countries, but who also operate responsible tourism and offer establishments that aim to maintain and protect the environment. Travellers are also looking to ‘live like a local’ while they are away and experience everything the local community has to offer whilst supporting the economy. A poll conducted on behalf of Exodus Travels delved into consumer attitudes and found that:

91% of travellers see the importance of taking ethical trips

70% of travellers say they are more likely to book accommodation if they know the property is eco-friendly.

56% believe in buying souvenirs from local merchants

44% want to support local businesses at their destination

There is a huge opportunity for hoteliers to offer upsells to their guests who want to use local services and have local experiences and this trend is set to grow and develop for years to come.

5. Virtual & augmented reality

Having seen the success of using both VR and AR across an array of industries, hoteliers are increasingly using this tech to entice and attract new customers to their establishments. Through the use of VR and AR, hoteliers can capitalize by showcasing their accommodation’s best features using virtual tours to create a digital environment for guests to picture themselves in before they book their stay.

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