Give Your Guests A More Sustainable Stay

Sustainable guest management for hosts of short term accommodation and hoteliers. Contactless and digital solutions

The demand from travellers for hosts of serviced accommodation to provide a more sustainable holiday experience is rapidly growing. A recent survey showed that 87% of guests are wanting more sustainable practises integrated into their travel accommodation yet only 39% of the survey felt that this was achieved during their stay. This low percentage is potentially preventing hosts from achieving the highest guest return rate they can. With an ever-competitive market of accommodation choices out there, there are some tips and tricks to easily integrate into your guest experience to make your holiday rental more attractive to increasingly eco-savvy travellers:

1. Avoid single-use plastics

Stop purchasing plastic bottled water and instead encourage guests to fill a water filter jug that you can keep in your fridge. Alternatively, you can provide eco-friendly cartons or cans of water for your guests to take with them for their explorations

Keep some reusable shopping bags in the cupboard, to encourage your guests to move away from disposable plastic bags when they buy their groceries. Metal straws are also another great addition to keep in your kitchen drawer.

Avoid providing mini-sized toiletries for your guests and instead provide good-quality hand wash, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in large refillable containers.

2. Recycle or upcycle as much as possible

Make sure your guests recycle all their household rubbish effectively and leave clear and simple instructions for your guests on how they should dispose of rubbish and how the recycling works. Buy biodegradable and compostable bin liners.

3. Switch to ecological, natural & Fairtrade products

Boost your sustainable credentials by using eco-friendly or plant-based cleaning products in the kitchen, which contain much less harsh chemicals, are better for the environment and show guests you care about their health! Make use of microfibre cloths and mops so your guests can clean up after themselves in more sustainable ways too.

4. Be more energy efficient

Recommend the best thermostat and water temperatures to your guests. Communicating the temperatures and settings that you know keep the property at a comfortable level will prevent people from experimenting and potentially using more energy than required.

Swap all the bulbs in your rental to energy-efficient light bulbs and ask your guests if possible to remember to switch off lights and not to leave appliances on standby when not in use.

5. Shop local produce & use local suppliers

By encouraging your guests to buy food, groceries and other items from local providers, not only will this help support local businesses, it will also help to cut down on your guests’ carbon footprint. Stock your guests’ fridge with locally sourced, organic produce as it will have travelled fewer miles and won’t have been subjected to additives, hormones and chemical processes. Leave your guests with a list of places where they can shop locally, including regular markets if any are nearby.

Check out coffee shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in your local area, so you have a few personal recommendations for your guests. Include some vegan or vegetarian options, so there’s something for everyone.

Remember to communicate your sustainable credentials to guests

Make sure all your future and return guests recognise all the efforts you’ve made to make your short-term rental as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Write a short paragraph on this in your listing and when your guests arrive, make sure any information they need is clearly laid out, including recycling details, and what’s provided in the cupboards to help them have as green a stay as possible.

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Sustainable guest management for hosts of short term accommodation and hoteliers. Contactless and digital solutions