Digital Solutions & Hygiene Tops Priority List For Guests

Sustainable guest management for hosts of short term accommodation and hoteliers. Contactless and digital solutions

A recent survey has shown that guests, are looking for an increased level of general cleaning and hygiene at their short-term rental accommodation and more contactless solutions during their stay and this can be a deciding factor when selecting their accommodation. The results also showed that 43% of guests wanted limited housekeeping throughout their stay and to keep their stay as contact free as possible, whilst 40% of guests wanted their accommodation serviced daily.

This highlights that in order to secure future bookings, short term rental providers need to implement enhanced cleaning protocols at their properties for the pre-arrival of guests and communicate that information effectively in their listing and when a guest arrives at the property.

Once the guest arrives at the property, opt for a more customisable experience to meet the exact housekeeping needs of the individual guest. Ask your guests how they want housekeeping to perform during their stay. A good time to acknowledge this is upon check-in. Perhaps a good idea would be to set up a tiered system of housekeeping, i.e – daily, every other day, weekly, none, request only.

Here are some tips to help create an improved healthy and hygienic environment for your guests and encourage them to keep coming back year after year:

  • A deep clean and thorough use of disinfectant throughout the property between stays. Make sure to prioritise high-touch surfaces such as door handles, electronic controls and switches, taps, toilet flush handles, toilet seats, utensils, cutlery and crockery and children’s facilities such as bunk beds, highchairs or play equipment.

  • Make sure to ventilate the property before, if possible, during and after a guest has stayed checked out.

  • Provide sufficient hand sanitiser and antibacterial soap products at property entry points and key areas. Consider providing cleaning products for guests to use, along with instructions. Antibacterial hand wash and additional personal hygiene products are a nice touch to have on hand for guests. Ensure the products are eco-friendly and sustainable with no chemical nasties to meet those all-important sustainability credentials!

  • Recommend removing shoes when entering the property and leaving them at the entrance (if possible, outside).

Contactless solutions for guests

With 43% of guests wanting limited interaction with housekeeping and 16% of the survey wanting a completely contact free stay, contact free solutions are becoming an ever-increasing factor into why a guest selects a short-term rental. In light of this, there are a few different strategies for accommodation providers to consider implementing:

· Ensure social distancing policies during check-in and check-out, and during any interactions with staff.

· Offer contact free services such as, self-check-in and checkout or a contactless check-in and check-out, including smart locks, keyless, apps etc.

  • Implement standard check-in and check-out times, and avoid early arrivals or late departures to minimise the possibility cleaning disruption and staff interactions.

  • Communicating on minimising non-essential interactions at property to guests, such as maintenance or cleaning teams unless urgent.

Make sure to communicate your efforts to guests!

Ensure you communicate to guests exactly what measures you have taken to ensure their safety and hygiene throughout their stay with you both pre-stay and during stay, via your listing content and in your property information guidance. Explain in your listing plans for cleaning and whether you use an external or professional cleaning company and any contact free measures for guests you have in place. These details can really help you stand out amongst your competition and show the guest how much you care for their wellbeing.

Are you interested in offering your guests the most hygienic and sustainable solutions? Add a contactless digital layer to your guest experience.

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Sustainable guest management for hosts of short term accommodation and hoteliers. Contactless and digital solutions