5 Essential Tips For New Short Term Accommodation Hosts

At Stae, we started as hosts ourselves and we are now aiming to support hospitality operators in providing them with more digital and sustainable solutions to elevate their business and satisfy the needs of modern travellers.

We thought to start with the basics by sharing 5 essential short term accommodation tips for new hosts to get you fully clued up to become expert hosts.

Digital and sustainable guest management app platform for short term accommodation hosts and Airbnb management

Make your listing stand out, but be transparent!

Honesty is the best policy, when it comes to a stand out listing. it’s important that things are not made to look better than they are. Amenities, location, noise level and space size are just a few things that should be made clear upfront, to ensure your guests have an amazing experience and leave you a good review. Using the Stae app you can list all the amenities provided on your property and share the exact location, making the information easy for your guests to access.

Help your guests keep the space clean

Supply your guests with cleaning essentials like detergent, rubbish bags or a mop. By making these items available, you are helping your guests help you with maintaining the cleanliness of the space as they can instantly tidy up any mess. With Stae, supplies can even be ordered and delivered to you guests!

Send your guests an email or message upon their arrival

A perfect way to make your guests feel welcomed is to send a personalised message to make sure they know who to contact and that they have the address. Mentioning places to eat and activities to do in the message would be the added cherry on top that might get you a great review. You can schedule messages and communicate these details with your guests through the Stae app.

Enable instant bookings

Make your property more accessible by allowing instant bookings like a hotel; you can manage your bookings easily in the Stae app. If you choose not to, you may find that you will lose bookings to places that already do. In the instance you are not comfortable with a guest staying, check that your short-term accommodation service provider allows for reservations to be cancelled during a grace period.

Contact your short-term accommodation service provider immediately regarding any issues

If you have a problem with a guest, contact your service provider straight away and request to be reimbursed the cost of damages. You will most certainly be encouraged to reach out to your guest to come to an amicable agreement. Effective communication can be made with your guests on the Stae platform. If the guest refuses to pay you back, you should ask your service provider to mediate.Take photos of any damages to be used as evidence; always keep yourself protected!

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Digital and sustainable guest management app platform for short term accommodation hosts