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We started as hosts ourselves and are now on a mission to serve every type of hospitality operator with digital solutions to empower their business and cater to the growing needs and wants of modern travellers.


More positive reviews

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Increase ROI


Higher guest return rate

Digitise your guest

With rapid changes to hospitality in recent times, we understand the necessity to ensure your guests are comfortable, happy and have a safe space during their stay. We enable hospitality providers to expand their offering and increase their overall guest experience to help build a return customer base, increase positive reviews and bookings, whilst offering more sustainable and hygienic solutions to cater to the needs of modern travellers. 

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new stae welcome page website.png

Engage with guests like 
never before

We offer a platform to seamlessly connect your guests with their booking and trip information via our Stae app.  We supply your apartment or hotel with a unique QR code, which guests can scan to access a host of information including the wifi code, manuals, welcome pack, and any other guest information you would like to add. This feature eliminates the need for traditional hand-held materials offering a more hygenic and sustainable solution for your guests.

Offer add-on services & local experiences

Level up your guest experience and offer them a range of extra services, with exclusive discounts, to make their stay with you even more memorable. We make it quick and easy for your guests to book a service through the app with our local, trusted and sustainable partners including pre-booked airport transfers, fresh groceries, car hire,  laundry & dry cleaning, luggage storage, tickets to local hotspots, restaurant and activity bookings and much more. 

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Communicate in different languages

Confidently host guests from all over the world with the aid of our app.  The  Stae app can translate up to 8 languages to ensure your guests are always fully informed and that they don't miss out on all the benefits your space and surrounding areas has to offer. When guests first download the app, they can choose their preferred language to communicate with you in, which will automatically then be used for them within the live chat feature.


Product features


Digital house manual

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Multiple languages


Unified inbox


Channel manager integration


Live chat with auto-translation


Digital check in & out


Nearby experiences


Quick Information search tool


Scheduled messages


Guest trip itinerary


On and offline


Google maps integration


Quality checked services


Automated responses


In house & third party upsells


Team access roles


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